553. Brighton, Adams County (CO21)

Technically this isn’t a courthouse, but rather a government center. May I also state that it has all the ostentatiousness of a government center and not a courthouse. I almost made the rookie mistake of going to the Courts of Justice instead of the Administration Building here because morning. Luckily, I managed to correct myself and only lose a few minutes on the road as a result.

As for the cache, it was not the best. I say this because I spent a lot of time looking around GZ, but there was nothing there unless it was a far higher difficulty than the cache description would suggest. I checked through the logs and found out someone else had recently done the same thing that I did, but left a throwdown at the only place possible, this sign about 75 feet away. As the song says, “[y]ou were born to judge the world. Forgive me, but I wasn’t.” It wasn’t the worst cache, but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone, either. I also feel a little bad because days after having gotten the cache and complaining about the location in the log, the CO sent me a message asking me to give him better, more current coordinates. Alas, I didn’t bother taking them, so I was of no help in that regard. All I could do was hope that the rest of the county’s caches were better than this one. Of course, that wasn’t my concern because I was done here and headed towards…

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