554. Broomfield, Broomfield County (CO22)

Broomfield, like Denver, has also combined both city and county functions into one administrative block. Therefore they have a modern conglomeration of buildings with the Clerk’s Office and Police and Public Works and the courts and everything else mixed into it. Look, I know I give more modern courthouse a certain amount of crap they probably don’t deserve because they don’t meet my sense of aesthetic, but at least they’re courthouses, not glorified office filled mini-malls like this Frankenstein conglomeration.

As for the cache, there was a good old fashioned lamppost cache in the parking lot. Simple, easy, and to the point, and with this, I was done with Brighton. Unfortunately, I had plans to get accomplished over the course of the day, and I had to make a hard-ish decision. I decided to skip a couple of county seats in the area so I could make it to some farther locations. It’s not like I wouldn’t be returning to Denver, either to visit my friends again, or my aunt (don’t tell her I didn’t see her while I was in the area. She’d kill me!), or to continue the state or locales beyond. A small price to pay indeed. I headed back to the highway to make my last stop in the general area, coming to a halt in…

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