555. Boulder, Boulder County (CO23)

I thought this was going to be a quick jaunt over here because the county clerk’s office was 10 minutes from Broomfield. Turned out that there was a satellite office in a nearby town so it ended up taking me more than a little bit longer to get here than I would have thought. Obviously the County Clerk is not always the answer to the courthouse location question (as has probably been proven in the past). In this case, the County Commissioners was a better move. At least it got me to Boulder and not Lafayette, close but so far away. The important thing is that I really like this courthouse. It’s like a hybrid between the stucco courthouses of the West and the brick courthouses of Kansas and Oklahoma. Kudos!

From a cache perspective, Boulder put me into fits of apoplexy. Every cache was rated 1.5/1.5, but was some clever hidden thing that was certainly not, and certainly nothing simple for someone who’s just passing through. I stopped at four different caches marked that way and not one of them was. At least three of them were definitely not D1.5 just based off of their descriptions. The final one might have been, but it was definitely I not T1.5. In the end, I opted for a virtual because I didn’t want to spend the rest of the morning here in Boulder. I had stuff to do, folks! That brought me to Columbia Cemetery and the grave of cowboy, soldier, Pinkerton, and all around gun for hire Tom Horn. Once I had found and recorded the appropriate answers and logged the virtual, I had to make a fateful decision. I had burned more time than I expected with counties this morning and I had two primary things to accomplish that day so I opted to chop off a planned county from my itinerary for the day. It wasn’t like I wouldn’t be back in the Denver area again since I already had two other seats I had to scrub from my list. And, like I said, I had stuff to do and it was getting later than I expected. I began the drive closer to my first real goal of the day, going through tunnels and passes in the mountains, reaching a stop on my path in…

One thought on “555. Boulder, Boulder County (CO23)

  1. I’m having fun looking at the courthouse pictures before reading the blog, and seeing if I can guess your opinion of the courthouse. I like this one, too!


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