80. Richmond, Fort Bend County

I’m not going to lie. That’s what I think of when I imagine a courthouse. Grander than other buildings because they are worth the extra effort. Different than other buildings because they are the place of the people’s business. Older than other buildings because they are a link to both the past and the future.

As a side note, this is also where Mirabeau B. Lamar died. President of the Republic of Texas, officer in the Texas Revolution and the Mexican War, father of both UT and A&M. Native Americans, on the other hand, probably hated his guts and for good reason. I didn’t see much of town, though because the cache was nearby.

Right behind the courthouse, a virtual at a museum on the grounds of a former Texas legislator. While it is open on Sunday, it wasn’t open yet and I couldn’t exactly wait for it. There was an answer for the virtual, but I opted for the other option, a photo of the place to prove I was there. My proof submitted, I started getting ready to go. I got back into the car and started rolling again, heading for…

4 thoughts on “80. Richmond, Fort Bend County

  1. Still enjoying your travels. Would it be possible to put up a map of your shaded counties? The visual progress would also be enjoyable. I screen shot project gc to get mine.


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