81. Wharton, Wharton County

Wharton was a strange dichotomy. On the one hand, there was something I expected to see, and, on the other hand, there was something I totally did not expect.

This I expected. I knew there would be some kind of monument to the Confederacy. That’s not the disconcerting part, though. Can you see it?

Look close.


Do you?

Look at the grass. This thing is so popular that a path has been worn around it with all the people looking at it. On the other hand…

Have I seen anything like this at another courthouse? Scanning back through the archives, I don’t think I have. Credit where credit is due, it’s there for all to see. Somewhat progressive for this part of Texas. And there’s another thing here I’ve never seen before…

Their Korean War monument incorporates an eternal flame! Color me impressed! This town is full of surprises!

The cache was here at this nearby mural documenting the progress of technology, from the native canoe to the locomotive and beyond. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the entire thing without an ill-parked truck in the way. But what can you do? Nothing is perfect. That said, there was one more surprise before I left town. I had to backtrack a little bit but…

I saw this place on the way in and thought That would be an interesting place for a virtual cache… Turns out there IS one there! Someone put one of the new virtual caches that Groundspeak gave out here. Apparently the motel (Elvis stayed here, you know) was falling into disrepair when a lottery winner decided to refurbish the place to keep the history alive. The least I could do was give a visit to one of the new virtuals. But it occurred to me later that if I was Native American, I might think this was pretty crappy. I had to get moving anyway. I got back to driving and soon I was in…

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