79. Angleton, Brazoria County

The drive here got weirdly emotional for me for a moment. My father was born in Brazoria County, a little town that is actually pretty much dead. There’s nothing left but a convenience store, a post office, and a church from what I understand. My grandmother (who is actually not my father’s birth mother) is from the nearby town of West Columbia, which I drove through on the way here. I’ve never been here before in my life, but I got weirdly emotional driving through that town. But eventually I made it here. I’ve been saying I was going to come here one day to do some genealogical research but I never managed to. And now? Courthouse is closed on Sunday…

This is an interesting courthouse because it’s actually three courthouses on one. The front (pictured at the top) is the courthouse from the Forties. Built onto the back of it is the newest iteration of the courthouse built in the Seventies. And above is the county museum, formerly the the 1890’s courthouse. The cache was kind enough to be on the grounds. For an easy one, it was especially well hidden because the hider had some help from the facilities folks (not a spoiler, I promise). Easily snagged and on I went to finish my usual walkaround.

That’s an…interesting war memorial. On the one hand, I don’t think I’ve seen anything in tribute to gold star mothers. On the other hand, did they use models in uniform for those images? This entire thing was a weird mix of earnest and artificial. That said, I didn’t know about Clarence Sasser before this so there’s that. Whatever way, it was time to go. I got ready to roll and soon I was in…

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