Geocoinfest 2021

Had I paid closer attention to map boundaries and such, this would have been my official cache for Johnson County. But who cares about that? I had planned for this trip to Kansas City for quite a while. Imagine my surprise to learn that there was going to be a Mega the weekend I was going! So I cruised around the highways of Kansas City into Overland Park to the event’s location…

…the Museum at Prairiefire. Alright, that’s a stunning building, a self contained fire made of light and glass. Color me impressed. But I didn’t come here for the museum displays (though the dinosaur up there was pretty cool).

I came for the cachers. We were all arrayed in out colorful panoplies, there to talk and commune and find coins. And coins there were, with vendors from all over offering their wares for sale or trade. I’m not a coin person (though there are one or two that I would happily fork over money for), but I was impressed by the variety of coins and trackables (personally, if it isn’t actually shaped like a coin, I just consider it a trackable) available and the horse trading and table talk surrounding them.

I decided to stay for a little bit and attend the talks on making and designing coins, and the visiting lackey who told us about some things being worked on and mulled over back at the Mothership in Seattle. I talked with friends and discussed some ideas. I communed and it was a good time, but I also had a schedule to keep. I didn’t get to the side events or dinners, but I wish I could have gone, especially since I was told by someone that they could introduce me to some good KC barbeque which I, as a Texan, sincerely doubted. I also wish I was a better journalist for covering such events. Looking back, I remember so many things I wish I would have photographed for you all. Unfortunately, I’m the man on the street you got and I can only try to do better for you all next time. A few hours spent, I set off again. There were places to go and things to see. The next one was closer than you might have thought, though. After some food, I set off to see…

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