619. Burlington, Coffey County (KS072)

Meh.  Decidedly meh.  I mean, it was the 60’s so what can you expect?  It’s not terrible, I guess.  Credit where credit is due, the little sculpture frieze of blindfolded Justice is actually kind of interesting.  That said, I’m not especially impressed.  Then again, I am coming to the end of this trip, and perhaps I’m getting a little tired and drained, so there’s that to consider.  I also have to give the town extra points because this has to be the most idyllic place I’d been in quite a while.  Who sees people riding around on bikes anymore?  At least four people waved to me and I hadn’t been in town fifteen minutes.  If this is the kind of friendly you show to strangers, maybe I should visit more often.  I might at that if the entire town was bigger than ten blocks square. 

Unexpectedly, there’s always a cemetery.  I actually chose this one thinking it wouldn’t be a cemetery, passing up a couple others on the way (one of those was saved as a back up just in case…).  As fate would have it, it did, in fact, turn out to be a cemetery, continuing the morning trend.  The cache itself was a good old piece of generic Tupperware stuck in a hidey hole in a tree.  I was a little amazed to find the last person to have sighed it was a Texas cacher with a well-known caching supply business and the daily streak record for Texas (well over 4000 days in a row!).  Of course, since I was less than 48 hours and 75 miles removed from GeocoinFest, where he was one of the vendors, there was only so much surprise that could be expected.  With my work here done, I was back to the road.  I waved goodbye to Burlington and waved hello to…

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