620. Yates Center, Woodson County (KS073)

Another nice red brick courthouse with square tower, completely unlike back in Burlington, but quite reminiscent of Garnett.  It was quiet and just starting to warm up so I ditched my sweater before walking around.  The war memorial was similar to Coffey County, but smaller.  Other than that, the similarities ended.  Unfortunately, there was little to say about the county.  On the way here, I chose the easiest cache to grab and that turned out to be right across the street at the local barber shop.

Here it was, heart shaped and sitting on the barber pole.  While the barber was not the CO for this one, he is apparently a cacher.  I might have stopped in and said hello, but the shop was closed, it being pretty early on a Labor Day morning.  That was no big deal, though.  I stopped to fill up the car and I was back on the road. 

As a quick aside, I will definitely take this opportunity to give credit where credit is due.  I use this moment to sing the praises of the Kansas rest stop.  They’re small compared the almost palaces that Texas erects, but their bathrooms are clean and its well placed to swing off and back on to the highway.  I rate them “perfectly cromulent” and a welcome pit stop because I wasn’t going to be able to hold it all the way to…

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