621. Eureka, Greenwood County (KS074)

Well, it was the 70’s.  Or maybe it was the 60’s.  I’m not entirely sure, but whenever it was, it wasn’t great.  That’s not to say that the entire aesthetic doesn’t work, because it does.  It’s not a bad looking courthouse.  It’s just that the architectural style of it is basically proto-office building.  One day the style might be interesting, but not today.  And I’m not going to put money on that statement, either.  Give it time, Greenwood County.  Give it time…?

I went for a simple one (or so I thought), a keybox on the stage at a nearby park.  Of course, not being naturally theatrical (despite some calling me “dramatic”), I forgot the important rule that “stage left” doesn’t mean the left of the stage.  Consequently, I spent some time looking for the black cat in a dark room, which is difficult, especially when there is no cat.  It didn’t help that one app (Cachly) pointed me to one side of the stage while another (Geocaching) pointed me to the other.  This is the main reason I keep both apps, folks.  Cachly has a ton of useful features, but the original Geocaching app is better for zeroing in on things at under 50 feet.  I can’t speak to c:geo, but I hear it’s perfectly cromulent, too.  I just don’t have an Android phone so I haven’t used it.  No matter which one(s) you use or don’t use, your mileage may vary.  My point here (and I do have one) is that it was found, signed, and returned.  I stopped momentarily to grab a snack and a newspaper and then I was off again, this time on the way to…

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