443. Norman, Cleveland County (OK37)

After getting a slightly later start (because some days I am a weak man who loves a warm bed), I took a quick trip to the courthouse here. This is an attractive, stately lady. It’s got an addition on the back that looks vaguely similar to the main building, but it’s not worthy of much more than mention one way or the other.

The cache was an LPC behind a barbeque restaurant. I listened to the tolling of clock tower bells as I signed the log. Quick question… What’s the point of painting the cache if it’s just going to be under the skirt? I don’t know. After a few minutes of laughs and a minor heart attack wondering where my phone disappeared to, I got back on the road, bound for…

2 thoughts on “443. Norman, Cleveland County (OK37)

  1. I think some people just make the containers to carry with them and if they end up under a lamp skirt, then they do. I use camo duck tape on all my containers, but most of mine end up hanging in trees. A few end up in guardrails. I have them all with me for when I need them though.


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