662. Oswego, Labette County (KS079)

Welcome back to Kansas, folks. I had a corner that I hadn’t had time to reach on the Kansas City trip, and, since I was already going to be so close, now was as good a time as any to take care of it. I liked the courthouse. It’s classy without being showy and has very clean lines. It feels modern and yet quite a bit older than it lets on. Suspiciously so, even. I checked the cornerstone to see that it was built in 1949, and I’m guessing it was an attempt to copy 1930s design. Whatever the thought process, it was successful in its own way.

I grabbed a Virtual in the nearby town of Mound Valley.  It was dedicated to something that had been in the middle of town for most of the CO’s life.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t photograph it because it would totally give it away, and armchair caching is frowned upon.  I’m guilty of showing a lot of caches, but not like this.  I was on the way out of the county, so I just kept on going.  I had a date with another Virtual, a special one, soon after arriving in…

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