661. Columbus, Cherokee County (KS078)

Another lovely courthouse. I really liked the art deco–thing going on and the mini clock tower where they preserved the original machinery. I always like seeing those because they remind me of my grandfather, a longtime postal worker and amateur clockmaker. I know he would have liked this. That also said, I know there’s something I’ve never seen before …

… a time capsule that’s still buried past its date? I guess I get why they didn’t get around to it. It’s not like some stuff didn’t happen around that time that complicated the world. Oh, wait, 2018? I take it back. They’ve had tons of time to do this!

As for the cache, I went to the local EMS station to look for a D1/T1. Usually, when I’m looking for a D1/T1, I spend time complaining about how it’s not really either one of them. And then I found this one. OK, that’s a legit D1. I could probably quibble over whether it’s truly T1 since I don’t think you could roll up to it in a wheelchair, but then again, I could be wrong. What do I know about wheelchair usage? Checking my ableist privilege, I signed the log and then set off again, this time to the west, stopping in…

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