660. Carthage, Jasper County (MO014)

Now this courthouse, my friends, is resplendent!  It reminds me a lot of the old courthouse in Evansville.  I never wanted to own a castle, but I bet you this castle is updated with the finest(ish) heating and cooling systems and the greatest Wi-Fi ever!  Or maybe not.  I mean, it is the county and therefore local(ish) government.  It’s not like they have Bentonville money or anything.  But a man can dream, no?

There’s always a cemetery.  So, as I was coming into town, I noticed that the most favorited cache in the county was a cemetery cache?  Maybe I should look into that.  As fate would have it, I literally had to drive by it on the way to Carthage, so I figured, why not?  Yes, the cache is in the photo.  That central pole?  It’s got a cable, and the cache appears out the top if you pull it.  Clever.  Maybe not favorite-point clever, but clever.  Is it possible that I shouldn’t be quite so stringent with my favorite points?  Maybe so.  Is that going to happen?  Not likely.  Especially not out here.  But that’s not important.  What’s important is that I continued north, ready to use what little winter sun I had to continue my work once I got to…

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