614. Alma, Wabaunsee County (KS067)

Nice Courthouse…  Sure, I have a couple of niggles that the Future County Arborists can take note of, but at least these trees manage to frame things as much as obscure. I like the almost WPA-ish feel of the place.  It kind of reminds me of some of the courthouses in Louisiana more than anything.  Of course, I’m flying completely blind at the moment.  I didn’t plan or even imagine visiting this one on the trip, but since I already called an audible today, what would one more county diversion hurt?  Besides, it just one more county that I don’t have to come back for next time at a minimal cost in time.  Call me sold!

The cache was at a historic millinery shop about a mile and a half from the courthouse.  Part of a small complex, I pulled up and immediately checked out the hint because I didn’t feel like searching hard with the sun beginning to go down.  This was definitely a get in and get out (of the county) type of situation.  Unfortunately, the clue made no sense unless you had to go inside and you had better believe the place was locked.  In the midst of my preparation to shoot out a string of expletives, I (and more than likely you too) noticed that big box by the door… 

I did what needed to be done and that was that.  I thought about leaving a trackable but I noticed that this cache only gets visited about once a month, more than likely because (and this is a total assumption on my part) who comes to a small town like Alma?  I mean, other than me?  A quick stop to hit the bathroom, pick up a newspaper, and gas up later, I was going again.  This was going to be my last cache of the day, but I had to head back in the direction of Kansas City to reach my starting point for the next morning.  A couple more hours of driving, and I could theoretically get some sleep, already set to begin the final leg of the trip in the slightly (read: significantly) larger town of…

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