747. Portland, Multnomah County (OR02)

The courthouse is a relatively non-impressive skyscraper-type thing. That is to be expected. Cities of size and import have so much going on both legally and administratively that something more classic and romantic (from a courthouse perspective) isn’t really to be expected. And yet, we have seen examples that put the lie to that thinking. I guess I’m saying that no matter my own judgment here, I neither condemn nor condone. The needs of the present living city must overcome my own personal feelings and sense of propriety. With all that acknowledged, no, I am not a fan.

The dream of the ’90s? It’s alive in Portland. Though I was supplied with ample proof, I have scant photographic evidence. I was more interested in caches. Since things were on a schedule, there was only really time for two: one official, one not.

The official cache was a trackable hotel in a slightly rundown but hipster-looking neighborhood.  I ended up taking a few minutes to trade out some trackables, and with that, my requirements were fulfilled.  But, after a discussion about the stupidity of putting stop signs at roundabouts, it was time for extra credit.  There was no way I was going to miss out on a Webcam!

There was a bar/coffee shop that wasn’t open yet.  Unlike most Webcams, you could actually see it from outside the window, so it was easy to pose.  I’ll tell you a secret: I am leery of Webcams because it feels like the camera adds about ten pounds, and I am slightly vain.  But there I am, with my traveling buddy and long-traveled umbrella, immortalized in pixels for the world to see.  As we were about to turn and head back to the car, another cacher came up to us, looking for the webcam himself.  We happily pointed him to it, but he couldn’t get a picture of himself, so I did it for him.

And with that, once the courthouse had been seen and lightly sneered at, I was off again.  I had a date with destiny.  My destination would be no mystery.  Anyone who can follow a map and knows anything about our secret passion knows where I was headed.  I went to the east, toward the outskirts of town to…

5 thoughts on “747. Portland, Multnomah County (OR02)

  1. Hiya Marcellus:

    Newish fangirl (and longtime ardent anti-racism and pro-BLM activist/protester) here. I want you to know that your posts popping up in my email on the daily are now a highlight, srsly. (I would “like” and comment but for some reason when it kicks me back to WordPress, I don’t have that option.) Your writing style, informative tidbits, and salty sass never fail to brighten my morning.

    AND YOU WERE RECENTLY IN MY CITY, WAH!! (PDX) Sounds like you largely had a blast on your NW swing — I was “out” both weekends of GeoWoodstock and the 20(2)th Anniversary Bash in Seattle, big road trip (minimal caching, alas) to move my daughter and her bf and cat to Colorado.

    Let me know when you do make it back this way sometime for a bit longer. I’d be glad to host an event for you and/or go after some of the NW Oregon specials you may not have gotten to yet (nor me; I still have several biggies hanging out there).

    Cheers to you, and happy caching, La Deep Hike aka Kelly


    1. I’ve already contemplated using Portland as a jumping off point for the rest of Oregon. I had originally planned to go to Astoria but diverted to Cathlamet. Besides, I want to get Tillamook cheese (and ice cream) from the Tillamook factory in Tillamook. I’ll be back! 🙂


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