605. Nebraska City, Otoe County (NE08)

A nice (if somewhat plain) courthouse, no? For some reason, I imagine that some of the courthouses in eastern climes would look like this, though possibly smaller. But this is perfectly nice.

And little modern touches like these trees standing sentinel out front gives the feeling that they are, while idyllic, not some provincial little town. As a sidenote…

…if ever there was an exhortation I could get here, this would most certainly be an acceptable one. I’m a big believer in the separation of church and state, but I can live with this sentiment. Surprise snuck up on me when I heard a tapping on my car window. A police officer! Of course, the little flash of fear ran through my brain. I hadn’t done anything, but I was in the middle of nowhere and far from home. There was a bodycam though, and she seemed a little uncharacteristically sheepish about it herself so I felt a little less worried about talking to her. Apparently, a traveling group lost one of the vehicles in their assemblage, a white car with Texas plates. Seeing as I was driving a white car with Texas plates, I fit the description so she wanted to make sure I was not the lost person. I assured her that I was traveling alone and that I had just come from Iowa. We laughed it off and she went back to her car. I’ve never been profiled before, but in this case, it’s also something I can live with. No interaction with police is always best, but friendly interaction is definitely a close second.

I couldn’t go for the closest cache because it was at a church and it was Sunday and, as we all know, I don’t mess with a church Sunday. Well, rarely, but definitely at 10:30 in the morning. I ended up going a few blocks away to the Nelson House, area architectural example and home of the current county historical society. It was a nano on the fence in a spot I’d seen before so it wasn’t too hard to find, the sheltered corner instead of those lengths of big iron. Unrolled, signed, and returned, I prepared to continue south, passing the parishioners entering their house of prayer as I took the path to…

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