606. Auburn, Nemaha County (NE09)

Once again, Future County Court Landscapers, trees!  They deter photography!  Quit it!  Or not.  Technically, I’m not the boss of you, I guess.  That said, another roughhewn stone courthouse.  I feel the affinity, just as I did back in Atchison, but not as strongly for some reason I had (and still have) yet to put my finger on.  I also took note of the bee statue motif through out town, in the vein of Sidney, Winnfield, and others, but that was less important.  As always, to paraphrase the dude from Stratford, the cache is the thing…

I had to pop over to the county hospital to get this one, a birdhouse with a bottle inside.  I took a short stroll down the path, passing near the break area for the staff, thinking to myself how many stressful stories and hastily smoked cigarettes must have been had over the years there, now, still in the throes of global pandemic, not the least of those times.  In that light, the birdhouse almost seemed comical.  It was no difficulty at all to grab the cache.  Inveni, inscripsi, reposui, and then I was off again, ready to roll.  My southward trajectory continued into…

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