607. Falls City, Richardson County (NE10)

There’s something about this courthouse that I couldn’t quite suss out.  If I didn’t know better, I would have thought it was a newer, more modern building trying to emulate an older one.  On the other hand, the stonework and carvings make it clear it’s definitely not.  Nobody in this day and age would bother with such detail, which makes me a little sad.  I know the reason is money.  It’s expense that doesn’t need to be added, especially since public taxes pay for it.  On the other hand, so many of these buildings would look so much nicer with some.  Sure, a giant box that is just a glorified office building will do the job, but one day in the future people are going to look at this building and the gray utilitarian boxes, made so famous by Mike Judge, will have our great grandchildren looking back and finding them wanting.  Then again, even with the more aesthetically pleasing examples, little we build today is really built to last that long so their future judgement may be a non-issue.

I grabbed the cache on the way into town at a family farm.  One of their entrances serves as a roadside shrine to a soldier killed in action.  Do you see it?  Here it is… 

When I see a log that says it’s hard to see a regular sized cache, I doubt it.  How does one miss or obscure something the size of an ammo can?  Usually, they’re wrong, but this time it was hard as heck to find in all that grass!  Something something OD green something camouflage something.  With this and the courthouse visited, my time in Nebraska was at an end for now. The southward journey continued as I crossed the border into…

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