589. Emporia, Lyon County (KS053)

Remember I mentioned that it was raining back in El Dorado?  I should have shut my mouth because I had no idea what was coming.  The drive here was harrowing!  I had times where the visibility was less than 50 feet because of all the rain.  On two occasions, there were lightning strikes close enough and bright enough to white out my vision for half a second or more.  Heck, I stopped and grabbed some food as an excuse to stop and rest for a moment from the drive.  That was the hardest 50 miles I had driven in a long time.  But the food and a few breaths made all the difference and made the stop at the courthouse a bit easier.  The courthouse itself was a bit different and unexpected.  It was certainly not traditional, but rather an interesting, sleek look.  As modern goes, I liked the look of it a bit more than I might have expected. 

The cache was a small tube hidden in a bolt hole in a brick wall. Normally, this would be a pretty muggle heavy location, but I didn’t have a lot of competition or spectators at five in the morning on a Saturday. There were some spectators though. Right before I got back in the car, I noticed a couple of homeless dudes giving me the proverbial hairy eyeball. I wasn’t too worried. The log was signed and my work there was done, so I slipped away into the contradictorily cool yet steamy morning before they could finish their cigarettes and take a deeper interest in my activities. The smoke and vapor rose to the sky as I drove down the main street on the road to…

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