588. El Dorado, Butler County (KS052)

Of course, the heavens opened up again on the way here! Not a drop in Texas or Oklahoma, but all over Kansas while I’m driving up! That said, what a lovely courthouse. It’s been a while since I saw quite so much on a lawn monument-wise. With the rain dropping down on me though, I opted to not photograph them, even with my new old friend shielding me from being completely drenched. I’ve mentioned this in passing, but before I left for Colorado, I replaced my phone. Its ability to do low light photography is far superior to my old phone. Sure, there’s some ambient light here, but nowhere near enough to show what this and similar photos have revealed. The camera is obviously superior, and the imaging software behind it is, too. There’s no way it could handle such low light and bright spot contrasts if it wasn’t doing something under the hood. I’m not an imaging expert (though I have a couple of ideas on how it’s doing it), but I have been both satisfied and, on occasion, impressed with the results. It’s even got me thinking that if I end up back near any of the locales where I feel my photography was especially poor, I may attempt to rectify that.

As for the cache, a lamppost?  That’s an affirmative, Ghost Rider!  With the rain dropping in and out, I didn’t even want to do anything that required effort.  It did run afoul of one of my minor niggles, in that it’s listed as a 1/1 when it should have been 1.5/1.  An attempt was made to obscure it from view, so it should be at least D 1.5.  Otherwise, who cares?  A cache is a cache is a cache.  Besides, I was quickly moving again to my next, hopefully less wet destination…

2 thoughts on “588. El Dorado, Butler County (KS052)

  1. Yes, you Photograph is very nice the light is very good. We sometimes see places you have been on our Geo trips but your often there under different lighting so gives us a different view. 😎


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