590. Lyndon, Osage County (KS054)

Luckily, the rain decided to go down to a mere drizzle.  I enjoyed a much easier drive, nowhere near as taxing as the road to Emporia.  The courthouse was laudable, and I have to give kudos to my phone camera again.  This turned out to be a really good shot considering the two big lights sitting out front and the roof being completely shrouded in shadow.  I could never have seen this with a simple view finder and my eye coming out this well on film.  This is the wonder of digital photography, my friends. 

As for the cache, I heartily admit that that’s a good sized cache, a big old pot outside the county emergency center with stuff in it!  It also touched on another pet peeve of mine.  I noticed that a lot of people had claimed it but didn’t sign the log.  In over 3600 caches, I probably have a couple dozen I didn’t sign for one reason or another, usually because of lack of writing implement.  Maybe it’s possible that someone forgot a pen.  This is hardly a challenging cache, so I can overlook that.  Maybe it’s possible that there’s another log or something else they signed?  I find that highly unlikely because a) the log was pretty impossible to miss and b) I looked for other things in there.  Again, not a challenging cache, and it’s not a huge deal, but signing logs is kind of an integral part of this entire activity, no?  I’m not judgmental (fine, I admit that’s a lie), but come on, people!  Once I signed the log, it was no longer my problem.  The sun would soon be rising and the dawn would pull open the curtain of night before I made it to…

One thought on “590. Lyndon, Osage County (KS054)

  1. Very rarely do I not sign the log. The usual reason is my sharpie fell out of my pocket somewhere on the way to the cache and my car is too far to go back for another and return to the cache. In that case, I take a picture of the log sheet. I’ve been doing this more and more anyway since someone took issue with the fact that I signed in a blank space on the log sheet and not “in order”. Sheesh.


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