557. Golden, Jefferson County (CO25)

I complain a lot about modern courthouses, but this one is pretty stellar. If you’re going to do it, do it with some style and panache! I bet the inner atrium must be lovely with all that glass and sunlight coming in. Well played, Jefferson County. Well played… As an odd little side note, as I noted how many Washington Counties I had been to, this is now my fifth Jefferson County. With so many, it’s like there’s someone famous named Jefferson or something…

There’s always a cemetery. What are the odds that a car would pass in front of me while I’m snapping this? Pretty low, and yet it happened. Not only is this a cemetery, but it’s the first in the Colorado Spirit Quest Series. I’ve grabbed a lot of cemetery caches from the Texas Spirit Quest and one or two from the Louisiana Spirit Quest, so why not here in Colorado?

I wish I could say that I was really clever and found it where it was hidden, but it had fallen from its branch so I found it lying on the ground at the foot of its tree. A cache is a cache is a cache. I did the necessary and returned it to its arboreal perch, ready to challenge the next cacher drawn to its siren call or some kind of crap like that. I preceded to get on my down the road. Because the cemetery was across the highway from the courthouse, there was a minimum of time spent here, about twenty minutes. This meant I spent the projected hour getting here, getting a cache, and returning back to the turn off from Central City. I continued along the highway, making good time. My next stop was going to be a big one, one of my two goals for the day. I’d spent a lot of time thinking about this one and it would be fulfilled soon after my arrival in…

One thought on “557. Golden, Jefferson County (CO25)

  1. I’m behind and reading out of order. I like the Co Jefferson court house. Spirit Quest, first I have heard of them but I’ll watch for them in the future.

    Love the mountain top adventure, and Hail!!! I’m retired Forest Service so the yellow and brown signs are a treat.

    Thanks for More adventure.


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