557. Golden, Jefferson County (CO25)

I complain a lot about modern courthouses, but this one is pretty stellar. If you’re going to do it, do it with some style and panache! I bet the inner atrium must be lovely with all that glass and sunlight coming in. Well played, Jefferson County. Well played… As an odd little side note, as I noted how many Washington Counties I had been to, this is now my fifth Jefferson County. With so many, it’s like there’s someone famous named Jefferson or something…

There’s always a cemetery. What are the odds that a car would pass in front of me while I’m snapping this? Pretty low, and yet it happened. Not only is this a cemetery, but it’s the first in the Colorado Spirit Quest Series. I’ve grabbed a lot of cemetery caches from the Texas Spirit Quest and one or two from the Louisiana Spirit Quest, so why not here in Colorado?

I wish I could say that I was really clever and found it where it was hidden, but it had fallen from its branch so I found it lying on the ground at the foot of its tree. A cache is a cache is a cache. I did the necessary and returned it to its arboreal perch, ready to challenge the next cacher drawn to its siren call or some kind of crap like that. I preceded to get on my down the road. Because the cemetery was across the highway from the courthouse, there was a minimum of time spent here, about twenty minutes. This meant I spent the projected hour getting here, getting a cache, and returning back to the turn off from Central City. I continued along the highway, making good time. My next stop was going to be a big one, one of my two goals for the day. I’d spent a lot of time thinking about this one and it would be fulfilled soon after my arrival in…

3 thoughts on “557. Golden, Jefferson County (CO25)

  1. I’m behind and reading out of order. I like the Co Jefferson court house. Spirit Quest, first I have heard of them but I’ll watch for them in the future.

    Love the mountain top adventure, and Hail!!! I’m retired Forest Service so the yellow and brown signs are a treat.

    Thanks for More adventure.


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