426. Pine Bluff, Jefferson County (AR31)

This was an unexpected stop. For safety’s sake, I decided to get rid of the last leg of my journey and get moving closer to Texas. As fate would have it, my path carried me through Pine Bluff. Since I was already there, I might as well grab a cache, no? The courthouse is not all that interesting, a big brick building with a pretty (though ultimately not special) façade. But at least somebody was nice enough to put a cache within visual distance of it.

Found a keybox here at this little plaza/patio type thing. Simple, to the point, and really crappy because it’s wet. It was still raining and for a little bit I despaired of finding it. Because reception wasn’t great and the list for the county I accidentally saved Jackson County, Kentucky instead of Jefferson County Arkansas. Don’t know how I screwed that up, but screw it up I did. And while the two Presidents had a little bit in common, all that was pointless for my purposes. I returned to the road, inching closer to Texas, but I still made one more stop, this time in…

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