425. Stuttgart/DeWitt, Arkansas County (AR30)

Even though Stuttgart doesn’t have the main courthouse, it has a pretty decent mini-courthouse. It’s signed as the District Court for the county, but it’s basically the same thing. The main courthouse in DeWitt, however, was quite a bit more substantial and absolutely lovely, but I was worn out. I’d been on a hard burn for quite a while and it was starting to weigh down my bones. It also didn’t help that it started raining pretty hardcore on the drive between the two.

Luckily, I had grabbed a cache back in Stuttgart, a little magnetic container attached to a fire hydrant. But sitting in DeWitt with the rain coming down, well, you all know why I’m a bit worried about rain. So I made an executive decision: I could drive through tiredness and I could drive through rain, but I couldn’t drive through both. I had an appointment to keep later in the day and my odds of making it there in one piece would go up dramatically if I just chopped off the last five counties I had planned for the day. So I cast them aside. I sat in the car at the courthouse in DeWitt and let sleep take me. I had been driving and caching for about 24 hours and, with the rain providing natural white noise, I nodded off for a couple of hours. I awoke refreshed, but despairing that I had to drop counties from my itinerary. I had to bend to my human needs, but now I was done and heading off to…

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