387. Waurika, Jefferson County (OK19)

Nice courthouse… Very reminiscent of the Panhandle. But I am also pretty worn out at this point. I like to jet around from place to place and see the world (or at least a few new corners of it) from time to time, but I often find myself hampered by two things. First, I often push myself fairly hard on these trips, trying to get as much done as I can, and, as a result, I get worn down pretty hard. I know that if I was to make longer term trips, I would have to cut down how many counties I hit for the sake of endurance. I’d probably have to restrict myself to ten a day or somewhere thereabouts lest I physically burn myself out. I’d hate to have to waste a day on the road because of something silly like rest and recuperation. And second, I’m quite fond of home. I like my bed. I like the porch and the patio. I like the sights of Austin. NO. I love them. No matter how much I like to leave, I always want to return. Put together those two things, and you can imagine how much I’m ready to head home. I started to question the wisdom of this audible, but I also knew that every county I visit on a trip is a county I don’t have to come back to. An extra one on the way home was ultimately the wisest course as far as I was and am concerned.

The cache itself was placed by a Scout troop, a pill bottle hidden behind a shed. Nothing fancy. Simple and to the point. And with it claimed, I began heading south back towards the Red River, the Holy Border beyond which was home. But I also watched the map and noticed that I was getting closer to another cache I had considered, the most favorited in the county. I’d be passing though its town so why not? I turned on the appropriate street and parked at the appropriate building and…

…I found a chest waiting for me. A final claim for Oklahoma and then I sped off again, this time intent on reaching home. Of course, I had quite a bit of sunlight left so I made an impromptu stop outside Decatur for a few more caches. I had long ago solved the unknown caches making up a piece of geoart and, since I was passing near to them and they had some uncommon D/Ts, I grabbed a few (6 of forty-something) and then continued on. Night descended like the cloak of a brooding god and I got stuck in traffic ^#%$-nuttery in Waco, which is perpetually broken at this point. But eventually, despite the horrors of IH35, I passed through Georgetown and Round Rock, arriving in the bosom of my home. A warm bed awaited me and was well deserved. But soon enough I would find myself back in Oklahoma. A couple of weeks later I made a visit to…

4 thoughts on “387. Waurika, Jefferson County (OK19)

  1. I notice when I push hard some days and get above 30 in a day I tend to feel pretty burned out for a few days. I think if I were doing one county at a time I couldn’t do more than 20 in a day


    1. Funny you should say that… On my most recent trip I managed 20 counties and 7 states in one day. If I didn’t do the courthouse thing, I could probably do 30+ easily, but what’s the point? I’m not trying to do the entire country in 3 months or anything like that…

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