10. Waco, McLennan County


Home of Dr. Pepper, Baylor University, and inspiration for a great many country songs.  I got out of work early and shot straight up here so I could knock out a county or two tonight.  Well, a new one and one backfill.  Waco is a special county so I hit several caches tonight instead of just the minimum.  We’ll talk about that a bit more in a bit.  Speaking of Dr. Pepper…


…welcome to the Dr. Pepper Museum.  As fate would have it, there’s a simple cache here.  I slipped over, grabbed it, and jetted.  I even replaced the log, which I’m having mixed feelings about.  I’ve already decided that zombie caches are part of the problem and since the owner hasn’t found one in over a year, I have the feeling this is one.  After this, I shot farther north for a regular size cache.


So I picked up a trackable a few weeks ago that’s making its way north and I added about 600 miles to give it 2500+.  I dropped it off here and found another one with 57K miles on it.  Cool.  Then I hit a cemetery.


This is a special one for me.  My mother’s family is from Waco.  I have great-grandparents here.  So I stopped by and said hello, then picked up a couple of caches in the cemetery, one regular, one mystery.  The sucky part is that I spent a bit too long looking for the mystery cache because the coordinates were jumping around a bit and because Boy Scouts somehow failed to teach me to identify a cedar tree.  But I found it.  And another 25K+ trackable.


And, with these acquired, I jumped back in my car and sped off to…

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