There’s Always A…Wait. What?

I was on my way to East Texas, outside of Waco and on my way to Corsicana, when I remembered I hadn’t gotten my cache of the day yet. I decided to find something along the way when I ran across a cemetery. I pulled off to the side of the road and saw some well worn stones and thought There’s always a cemetery. Then I read the sign. A pet cemetery? That’s a new one on me. So I went and got the cache…

…and then I went for a look about.

I guess it qualifies as a cemetery cache even though it’s not people. That said, I’ve talked about the people who get to rest forever in their towns with their relatives and loved ones. They spend their lives with us and we spend significant parts of our lives with them. Well, why shouldn’t animals qualify, too?

But this was just one little moment in the life we lead. More accurately, it was a stop on the way to other places. To be more specific, East Texas. That’s why the next day I found myself in…

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