275. Lake Charles, Calcasieu Parish (LA20)

Despite a couple of wrong turns and a personal pit stop, I made it to this last, magnificent edifice. This is the kind of thing I think of when I envision a courthouse. Stately and majestic, this was a happy find for my last parish of this trip. I was even a bit chuffed to find there was a decent courthouse lawn with a smattering of monuments!

I’m also vaguely curious about the two cornerstones there and the older courthouses, but that’s for another time. I’m within spitting distance of home (in a general, regional sense. In an actual sense, more like 300 miles) so I wanted a cache and I wanted it fairly quick. Luckily, there was a virtual not too far away so good enough for government work!

I didn’t think I would find an alligator dressed like Elvis. That being said, nobody expects to find an alligator dressed like Elvis (unless, perhaps, you’re in Las Vegas?) so I don’t feel so much more singular than anyone else. I guess that qualifies as something interesting to see for a virtual, I think. So I logged it! But that also meant that this trip had come to a conclusion. All that was left at this point was to make my way closer and closer to the land of my fathers, my bed, and the work day waiting for me in the morning.

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