274. Jennings, Jefferson Davis Parish (LA19)

Part of me wonders if the reason the building is only marked as “Court House” is because of the name of the parish. I’d like to think that, but I know better. There have been a few others that didn’t bother to get specific about their parish names for whatever reason. And, of course, I couldn’t help but note that this parish has a spiritual twin back home. I was a little tired knowing this would be the penultimate stop of the trip, but that was alright. It’s not like I wouldn’t be returning soon enough.

I will, however, cede that their murals were quite nice. At the Founder’s Park around the corner there was a nice display of civically acceptable art to frolic under, but there was no cache here.

It was back behind a Dairy Queen closer to I-10. I ended up having to juke a smoke breaking employee by faking trying to get signal to make a phone call and then making that call until she went back inside. Once this little bugger was spotted, I swooped in for the proverbial kill, did what need to be done, and then got ready to move again. Each mile would bring me closer to home now, but between me and the Texas border still remained…

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