52. Fort Davis, Jeff Davis County

The county is named after Jefferson Davis. What more do I really have to say about that?

That said, there is one thing really interesting about this courthouse, though…

I have never seen a turnstile at a courthouse before. How much traffic did this place get to be able to rate those? I couldn’t get much about the history or anything because this county seat was a quick in and out. As fate would have it, I had to pass through Davis County twice on this trip before I got to this point. Remember I mentioned I made a stop before I got to Marfa?

Welcome to the world famous Prada Marfa. The last time I was here (about a decade ago), I was leaving the last of my smashed pennies from the train that runs the tours around Stone Mountain (but that’s a different story). What wasn’t here were these…

The lock fences were added later. See the one pictured? There’s seven more just like it around the back of the building. I only photographed the one with the cache on it. Imagine trying to find this one mixed into all the locks on the fence. And, of course it’s night. And what you can’t tell from the photo (but I mentioned on the way to Marfa) is that it was raining cats and dogs. I once again got good good use out of my trackable, known also the umbrella I bought in county #6. I found the cache, signed, and was on my way to Marfa. But that was last night. Now I was driving out of Fort Davis, through the mountains, on the way to…

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