53. Alpine, Brewster County

It was a beautiful drive into town. I’d driven from Marfa to Alpine and from Marfa to Fort Davis, but I’d never driven from Fort Davis to Alpine before. It was absolutely lovely driving through the foggy mountain roads. I also ended coming into town from a different direction than usual, resulting in a view of Alpine I’ve never had before. I tried to to hit a cache on the way into town, but it looked like it might have been taken away by the nearby stream thanks to the recent rains.

Of course, once I hit the courthouse, I also took the opportunity to learn all about the county’s namesake while I was here, but that’s obviously not the most important thing.

Since my earlier attempt fizzled out, I decided to cherchez la easy and pop over to local Sul Ross University for one. Named for a former governor (and Confederate general, of course), the Lobos are the Frontier university of the state. After a quick pit stop at the store, I failed you all again. The cache (no spoilers) is near their great bull mascot. I swept in, signed it, and returned it in the proverbial two shakes of the proverbial lamb’s tail. Easy peasy, lemon something or other. With the speed and the weather (raining and dreary), I didn’t think to take a photo. So you’ll have to rely on google to find it. Obviously, I wasn’t thinking. Well, I actually WAS thinking about my next destination. Forgetting to fill up the car, I set off for the next destination…

5 thoughts on “53. Alpine, Brewster County

  1. I wished you had climbed the mountain behind the University and found my cache “Sul Ross”. It was the third cache I hid and I think it is my oldest surviving hide. Fourteen years and counting!


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