My Eyes Are Green

Unlike Ms. Badu, however, it is not because I eat a lot of vegetables. It’s because I am jaded.

Earlier this week, I went out and found a cache that was very cleverly made, and clearly worthy of a favorite point. I didn’t give it one, though. Why not? I first broached the question several months ago. For the last week, I’ve been examining the question more closely. As you all know, we get a favorite point for every ten caches we find (other than Adventure Labs). I have favorited fewer than a hundred caches up to this point. Consequently, I have 411 unused favorite points! I know that they’re going to come to me like water flows toward the ground, so why don’t I give them out? The simple answer is that I am, by nature, blasé. I am not easily impressed, and I never have been. Yes, I do give out favorites, but, while I occasionally award them for location, as far as I’m concerned, a cache has to earn it. That’s why I have only given eighty-four of them in four and a half years. Maybe it’s time for me to do something about that. I know it’s a bit early for New Year’s resolutions, but I’m making one now.

In 2023, I intend to assign fifty favorite points to caches.

I thought about trying to go bigger, but baby steps, folks, baby steps… Fifty is going to be hard enough for me to begin with, but about one per week should make for a good start. And who knows? With luck, perhaps my eyes may begin reverting to their charming and natural brown.

5 thoughts on “My Eyes Are Green

  1. Of course, those 50 favorite points don’t have to go to newly found caches. You can give those points the caches found in previous years that you have re-evaluated and give the point in hindsight.


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