572. Covington, St. Tammany Parish (LA51)

Welcome to the Parish of Tamanend!  They don’t have a “courthouse” here, they have a justice center.  I’m always a little questionable whether a justice center is the right place, but they have the county memorials out in the front courtyard, so I guess they have the best claim to it.  It’s quite modern so it can’t be that old.  There was more than likely another older building here, so I wonder why they tore it down?  Being where we were, hurricane is the most likely the culprit.  It’s certainly not the first time I’ve run across it.

As for the cache, bravo!  I grabbed it in the nearby town of Folsom (no, not that Folsom) on the way to the courthouse.  Well played!  A bison hidden in a piece of wood that’s part of a gazebo.  I’m not even gonna lie…  If the wood had been a little more aged and distressed, I never would have noticed it.  Heck, I even gave it one of my stingily hoarded favorite points.  Complete and total sidenote:  I have almost 300 favorite points.  I give them to caches I think are worth it, but that obviously has only been to around 50 caches total.  I don’t mind giving them out to particularly interesting or clever caches, or even to special locations, but I don’t feel that motivated to award them unless the thing is really something.  Maybe I should be a little more liberal or lax about it.  That’s not incredibly likely, though.  Besides, I certainly didn’t devote any brain cycles to that the favorites question on the way to…

2 thoughts on “572. Covington, St. Tammany Parish (LA51)

  1. I hesitate with my favorite points. At present I have 329 to use with 376 given out. I could give them out like crazy, but I try to think the idea is to award them to caches I think people should go to.


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