573. Livingston, Livingston Parish (LA52)

This one is obviously newer, as you can tell from both the physical mien of the building and the layout of the complex (if you could see it as I did).  I liked the way that they tried to pull off a pseudo-art deco style, but otherwise it doesn’t have that patina of age (and by that, I mean dirt and grime) that gives an aesthetic heft to the solid stone courthouses of the 30’s through the 50’s.  You’ll also have to excuse the irony about that considering I was talking about power washing Greensburg‘s courthouse several days ago.  Sometimes, I am truly a hypocrite. 

Did you know Hungarian settlement in Louisiana was a thing? I certainly didn’t. But I learned a little about it at the tourist center in the aptly named community of Hungarian Settlement (which is actually part of the town of Albany, but that’s not important right now) on the way to the courthouse. The cache was a preform with a magnet at the tourist center. Had I world enough and time, I might have popped into the nearby museum, but I had neither. After doing the necessary, I shot off again. I still had work to do besides the courthouse. Once I was done, I shot off to repair a previous failure.

I took the opportunity to return to Baton Rouge. You see, the last time I was there, I missed the most important cache I needed to get, namely the Louisiana County (Oops! Parish) Challenge. It was on a fence I searched on, but it turned out that I just didn’t go far enough down it to make the find. This time, armed with knowledge from the CO, I went for it again, except for one little issue: a tree had fallen on it. Luckily, it had been moved across the street, possibly temporarily, possibly permanently. So, I give you the current incarnation of the Louisiana Parish Challenge. The timing was quite good because I had no idea when I’m going to be back through here any time in the foreseeable future (I’m considering a trip to Pensacola, but not while there’s a return of the Time of Cholera. Florida has become the new Covid infested dystopian nightmare, knocking Arizona from its perch). I wouldn’t even be in Baton Rogue much longer. The log signed, I was off again with a quickness, heading for…

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