569. Greensburg, St. Helena Parish (LA48)

I like these little art deco courthouses.  I wish there were more of them floating around.  In this case, the emphasis here was on “little”.  Well, relatively, that is.  It’s no flyspeck like Mosquero or anything, but it’s definitely smaller than the ones I’ve seen thus far (or really on the rest of this trip, but that’s putting the proverbial cart before the proverbial horse).  I also wonder what a power washer could do to the exterior. But that wasn’t important at the moment…

There’s always a cemetery.  In this case, the cache was a bison devoted to Grierson’s Raid, an extended and wide ranging cavalry raid on the South that served as a diversion for the siege and capture of Vicksburg.  I’m not against homage to a bit of Union history, but once this was signed and returned, there was little reason to linger.  I wish there was more to the town to talk about, but nope.  I was off again and it was little more than a hop, skip, and jump away from…

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