568. Clinton, East Feliciana Parish (LA47)

I always love a beautifully whitewashed courthouse.  There’s something regal, dare I say, even pure, about it, even though there is very little in politics that could be considered pure, if anything…  It is written that those who follow their nature are following the Tao.  Those who are politicians by nature and follow that nature are also following the Tao even if politics, by its very essence, leads one away from the Tao.  I guess my real point here (other than the Taoism can be confusing sometimes) is that politics suck.  But that’s a discussion for another time and place that is not the middle of Louisiana. 

I, of course, cannot pass by the fact that the Veterans’ Memorial lies at the feet and in the shadow of the memorial to Confederate dead.

The cache was unexpectedly mundane.  I originally went for a traditional cache (this detail will matter in a moment) in a State memorial park site that used to be a college.  After getting to the site and spending 15 minutes searching for a regular sized 1.5/1.5 in a forest, I found nothing.  Wondering how I could miss something that big in relatively sparse and thin trees, I double checked the cache info to find the hint explained you had to adjust the coordinates to find it.  I think it’s safe to say that by definition, that’s not a traditional.  If I had known about that, I wouldn’t have gone out there in the first place because, as I have said before, ain’t nobody got time for that, despite occasional evidence to the contrary.  But I was there already.  I made the appropriate adjustments and shifted my search location about 200 feet.  And after another search, I still didn’t find it.  I double checked the adjustment to make sure I hadn’t missed something, but it was correct, and I could find nothing.  So, I ended up wasting a half hour or more on a DNF.  Not the thing I want to do out on the road.  I drove into town and found a keybox at a dollar store.  Though I cursed my lost sweat and time, in the end it turned out alright.  My first couple of caches had been quicker than expected so I was now back to merely running on schedule for the day.  And run I did (metaphorically speaking) all the way from here to…

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