570. Amite City, Tangipahoa Parish (LA49)

I’m not going to even attempt to claim that I know how to pronounce Tangipahoa.  No doubt my non-native tongue will never get it quite right.  As for the courthouse, well, it’s a courthouse.  It’s not good.  It’s not bad.  It just is.  Alright, I’m leaning towards bad, but only just slightly leaning.  I’ve seen worse.  This courthouse built in 1969 is disappointing.  Pictures of the 1908 and 1883 courthouses are so much more interesting.  What inspires (or would it be de-spires?) an architect to go from something like those to this?  I know it’s about function and the needs of the county (or parish in this case), and it obviously serves its purpose, but seriously…  Killing me, Smalls.  Killing me…

The cache was quite cleverly constructed, living up to the promise of its title, easy peasy, lemon squeezy.  Despite a turn down a wrong side street and jump across a ditch to get it (me, not the vehicle) necessitated by parking in the wrong place, I logged it and switched out a couple of trackables.  With that, my work was done.  The strip mall would not miss me as I drove off, continuing on to…

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