303. Mosquero, Harding County (NM04)

That is a really, really small courthouse. Not exactly like a Sears edition courthouse, either. That’s not entirely true and I feel a little bad saying it, but it’s more like the low-end discontinued model Sears courthouse. And yet, all evidence to the contrary, there is life…

And you know what there isn’t out here? A lot of caches. The closest one to here is an earthcache at a stunning location that requires giant altitude changes and driving up and down hairpin turns. I drove it once up and just didn’t feel up to doing it again. Surely there’s another one that’s less time consuming?

There’s always a cemetery. Not in Mosquero, though. I went over to the next town, Roy, for the next closest cache, a pill bottle in a tree. Once it was attained, I set off for…


As I was driving, I was thinking. Mosquero and Roy are both very close to the Harding County border. Maybe not within yards of it, but close enough to be a little worried, especially after the debacle that was San Diego. So out of an abundance of caution, I decided to grab a second cache just to be on the safe side. I didn’t want to take the chance that I might have to come out here again.

I stopped on a roadside. My phone reception was terrible, but all credit to Cachly for preloading surrounding caches and what not. I found a bison on a fenceline and grabbed it, ensuring that this county was, in fact, complete. My surety sated, I got rolling again. The drive was annoying because the road made 90 degree turns every few miles so I couldn’t just let the car do its thing, but eventually I got to a major state highway, and cruised my way into…

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