304. Clayton, Union County (NM05)

Lovely! I don’t know exactly what style this courthouse is, but I hope I see more because I don’t remember having seen the like thus far. May I also thank the city for having an easy to find cache for me…

I ended up at a historical marker on the edge of town and found this hidden in a hole in a post onsite. It turned out to be a find on the Santa Fe Trail Geotour. On one level, I was a little upset with myself. Had I done the requisite research, I might have done a little bit of work on the Geotour while I was out here. On another level, I was just fine with myself. I have no idea when I would go to Kansas to work on it further, much less Missouri. Maybe one day, but not today. Definitely not today… That said, with the further postponement of Mingo Madness, Kansas might be a bit sooner than originally planned, and more than likely will be before the new date. That, however, is all supposition. Had you asked me six months ago, I would have told you that I would be working Oklahoma right now… But that is a lot of daydreaming and fantasy under the circumstances. With the sun moving, I thanked the shortness of my stay here and got driving again. Back towards town and a right turn, I flew down the road, heading west, and arrived just over an hour later in…

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