198. San Diego, Duval County

Jacques de Molay, thou art avenged! After all this time, I have erased this ignominious stain on my travels! And just for the record, the original photo was so much better…

The cache itself was at quite a location. In a little cemetery on the way into town, I pulled over. There was an older woman there with a still older woman in their vehicle, possibly a mother and daughter, bring flowers to and clearing dirt away from a grave near the entrance. She apologized to me profusely for blocking the path, but that just meant I took a little walk.

Wow. That is one heck of a stone. I have literally never seen anything like it before. I certainly never expected to find something like it out here in the middle of nowhere. And near it, a cache! I did what I needed to do, and then got back to driving to San Diego proper. After what happened last time, I wasn’t taking any chances…

There are two caches in town. One was at a church, and the first time I was here, I passed on it because I have a firm rule that I don’t do anything at a church on a Sunday. This led me to the cemetery that was in the neighboring county. Well, it wasn’t Sunday now. It was Labor Day! So I went and grabbed a well hidden nano and claimed it. I always hear people say grab two caches in each county so you can be sure. Well, I did.

It was only just 11AM and I had accomplished everything I set out to do. And now it was time to do my final duty for the day: start the long drive home, back to my bed, and plan for my next foray. I don’t usually do back to back weekend trips but a child possession quirk along with a friend’s wedding meant that the next weekend I would find myself in…

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