199. Conroe, Montgomery County

I had originally thought that when I finally made it to Conroe, it would be to start the Conroe Geotour. I ended up being invited and going to a friend’s wedding at Sherwood Faire on a Saturday morning and decided to use the rest of the weekend to push the Project forward. I will admit that I’ve been avoiding southeast Texas for reasons. I had hoped that I might be able to find a friend (cacher or muggle) to go with me, but interest levels and schedules didn’t mesh. Besides, I learned a long time ago that if I wait to have somebody to do something with, I’ll never do that thing. So damn the proverbial torpedoes (as they say in the parlance of our time).

So, which cache should I choose? The 14 leg multi based around the courthouse and the surrounding blocks? Or the one a block away at the war memorial? As tempting as the multi was (and it was part of the geotour), I opted for the war memorial down the street. I always have to consider time and energy on these trips and I didn’t want to spend an hour walking all over downtown for my first cache.

Somehow, I didn’t take more photos of memorial because there was quite a bit more to it. Talk about a brainfart on my part. But that’s no biggie. The cache was a plate magnetically attached to a thing behind the back wall. The hardest part was figuring out which metal thing it was attached to but it turned out to be the most logical one (I also didn’t know it was a plate before I found it) so I did what needed to be done and then got back on my way. I have no doubt I’ll be back some weekend because I like the idea of coins, but that was soon in the rear view mirror. Now was the primary focus and that focus put me back on the highway and soon had me in…

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