The Wanting Comes In Waves

Obviously, caching got done over the weekend. I almost took a trip down to San Antonio to grab a few, but I ended up changing plans to accommodate other things. That changed the direction to Lampasas, but the threat of rain put the proverbial kibosh on that, too. The road calls, and I want to answer it. But I can’t at the moment, as much as I’d like to. I’ll get a small taste of it in a couple of weeks when I go down to the Texas Challenge in Conroe, but, as nice as it will be to get away, it won’t be the same. It’s never quite the same as getting out on the road to see far-off and new locales. I really can’t go anywhere until April at the earliest, and it sucks being grounded.

I don’t usually like to discuss my travel plans, but I’ve got a few big ones on the calendar for this year. I plan to get back to Memphis to hit WorldWide CacheFest in July. I’ve been wanting to pick up some more Tennessee counties for a while, and that would be a great excuse. Heck, I might even get a little more Kentucky in the process. And it’s a little close to that, but I’m really hoping to hit GeoWoodstock in Abbotsford. Considering I was at the previous one, I would like to maintain the tradition. Of course, the following weekend is the 20th Anniversary in Seattle (two years late). I might have to fly up back-to-back weekends, but maybe …

Of course, there’s other stuff I’d like to do, but I try to keep my own counsel, primarily because I don’t want to say I’m doing something and then not do it. But such plans I have …

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