34. Lampasas, Lampasas County

So I set off early to make sure I hit Lampasas by sunrise.  If I was going to get to ten counties in one day as I planned, I needed every bit of sunlight possible.  I actually made it a bit early so I thought about how to burn a little time waiting for daylight, but kudos to the iDevice I took photos with.  Since it’s better with light, I was able to get decent photos before actual sunrise.  

Monument wise, it’s pretty sparse, but the thing that really stood out to me is how much the courthouse looks like so many other courthouses.  I’m thinking that one of these days, I’m going to categorize them all into basic groups.  More than likely there’s only a small number of courthouse architects which would explain that.  I’ve already learned a bit about Frederick Ernst Ruffini, who designed several courthouses and even lived in Austin for years, but that is a major digression for another time and place.  That said, that might actually make for an interesting mystery challenge, but that is merely a minor digression.

As fate would have it, there was a cache right there on the square.  The hint was seemingly useless, but it was so easy that my geosense pretty much drew me to it immediately.  A film canister pulled, a log signed, replacement, and it was done.  I scheduled thirty minutes for each stop and this one only took twenty and most of it was before sunrise.  As the orb of Helios began to creep up in the sky, I jumped back in the car and set off for…

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