I’m So Sorry

Yesterday, the night cache I placed over the weekend in Lampasas finally published. This normally wouldn’t be worthy of note to all of you hundreds or thousands of miles from GZ, but it has been almost a week since it was submitted. Since when does it usually take a week for a cache to publish? Around these parts, very rarely. I’ve had caches I’ve submitted drop within an hour of submission before. I think my first placement took three or four days. But a week? That’s crazy talk! Except it’s not, considering a few things. We, the Lamp-Asses as we called ourselves, placed ninety-something caches on the same day, with more following. That’s a lot at once. Also, I found out that a new Geoart is coming to the area, recently submitted and composed of around 550 caches. That’s quite a bit more work for our trusty local reviewers. And did I mention that the reviewer for our area (Texas has two) is traveling at the moment, so the other reviewer, who usually covers another part of the state, has been taking up the slack? I, along with others, seem have generated a ton of work for him out of nowhere. On a certain level, I’m sorry. On a different level, I’m not sorry at all. More caches for more people is usually a good thing, right?

On the other hand, coming from the “how the sausage is made” department, I have a different apology to give, this one to you, my loyal and steadfast readers. You may have noticed that the photo of my daily cache is not of a quality that you have come to expect from me. That’s because, while I was out placing that night cache, my phone and principal tool of photography began to malfunction. At first, I noticed that it was taking a long time to focus on things, then that my photo orientation was affecting that focus. Eventually, after some trial, error, and experimentation, I figured out that one of my camera lenses, the one that handles distance, has gone on the fritz. The good news is that there are places that can fix it quickly (I don’t want to replace my phone, nor do I want to be without it long), but seeing as I’m not independently wealthy, it’s going to be a few weeks before I can get it taken care of.

Consequently, my visual documentation may be of a lesser quality than you’re used to. As staff writer, head photographer, editor-in-chief, and owner of this periodical, I extend my heartfelt regrets, and promise that the issue will soon be resolved. And by all that I mean “Hold your horses! I’ll get around to it.”

3 thoughts on “I’m So Sorry

  1. All I can say is dang, that’s a lot of caches. We better get our farmingasses over to there and make some finds.


  2. I love to hear that you’re seeing so much new cache activity! I feel like it’s fizzling a bit here (California Bay Area), and I haven’t done much to help revitalize it.

    Good luck with the camera repair. If you can be patient for it, we can too.


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