36. San Saba, San Saba County

It’s getting into the season when courthouses start decorating themselves for holidays.  San Saba doesn’t look like that’s going to be a thing this year.  But that’s alright.  These old buildings need maintenance and all that good stuff, too.  The workmen didn’t give me a second look.  So I went for my customary walkaround.

More of those pink granite (Confederate) monuments I see all over the place.  And that historical marker?  It’s remembering a Confederate veteran’s group that was based out of here until all the members died off by the 1930’s.  There’s another marker around the side about the San Saba Mob and how they were broken up with the help of the Texas Rangers.  But a little further around the corner…

…they’re keeping it weird.  This was a cool little grocery store on the square.  In a day and age when local brick and mortar is dying, it’s nice to see something like this on a square.  When I was in Lampasas, there was a Dollar General on the square and somehow that just seemed wrong.  Then again, who am I to judge?  Towns have to do what they have to do to survive.  Chains may seem unseemly, but economic concerns are a thing.  

I ended up grabbing a cache in a local cemetery.  Simple and to the point pill jar in a tree.  I grabbed the thing, signed the log, and left with a minimal amount of muss and fuss.  Then I headed back into town because of the problem that would plague me off and on the entire trip: terrible cell service.  I couldn’t pull up a map and, honestly, it was hard to pull up any caches in the app.  I was lucky enough to get the cemetery cache location, but not anything else.  If it had been anything difficult, I might not have been able to find it.  I ended up going to a local coffee shop attached to a hotel and winery, and using their wi-fi to update everything.  And once I got GoogleMaps going and I got supplemental verbal directions, I jumped back in the car and headed off towards…

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