191. Edinburg, Hidalgo County

Well, would you lookie there…! That’s pretty bright, too! It’s also something I haven’t seen before at this point. I’ve seen several courthouses undergoing repairs, but I haven’t seen one in the process of being built thus far. Considering the construction, I opted to forego the traditional walk around. Especially since a quick drive around the block to get here showed fencing around the entire block and no indication of monuments, statues, or the like. I’m sure there’s a proper park or square near here with all these things on display, but I didn’t see it and I’m not searching it out unnecessarily at this time of night. Might as well go grab a cache and there was only one here for me as far as I was concerned…

This one is a boring LPC in a nearby strip mall. But it is named after a well known cacher, BigGuy In Texas. She (yes, ironic) is an absolutely lovely person as well as being in the Texas Geocaching Hall of Fame. Not only am I happy to claim a cache named after her out here in the almost tip of the south, but I even gave it one of my stingily hoarded favorites. I didn’t plan on night caching my way around the Rio Grande Valley, but it seems to be happening. At least at this point I’m in decently sized city again so I feel a bit safer about it. Might as well meet morning in my next destination at this point so I kept on rolling again and soon reached…

7 thoughts on “191. Edinburg, Hidalgo County

  1. Howdy M @ GCWB! I didn’t subscribe to this cool blog until recently so I am playing catch up on the older posts. This one intrigued me since I am originally from Edinburg, Tx. and the cache you found was mine and called One Degree of Seperation – Bigguy In Texas GC1D65Y. I placed it back in June 2008 and it is still there 13 years later! And of course this courthouse was mine for a long time. I will try to get a picture of the completed construction so that you can see the final product, the next time I visit!


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