500. Ulysses, Grant County (KS022)

A new entrant into the “special subdivision” of counties, a rare categorical air composed of Gail, Anson, Hernando, and now Ulysses. I really need to come up with a name for these counties. You would think after all the time I’ve spent on the road and all the times I’ve asked this question, I would have come up with an appropriate solution? For those of you who haven’t been reading me complain about this seemingly for forever, these are counties whose seat name along with their county name makes the name of a person, in this case Ulysses Grant, former President, Secretary of War, Commanding General of the Union Army, and many other titles and accolades, including a brevet promotion during the Mexican War. This is also a bit of a distraction from the courthouse itself. I approve. It reminds me of Lakin even though the photographs of it were not as clear as this. I didn’t know it at the time, but being my 500th county, I would have been well satisfied. Unfortunately, I didn’t, but that wasn’t important then or now. As always, all that mattered was the next cache.

This local war memorial was one of the most favorited in the county and was about three blocks away from the courthouse. This was the prime candidate, a simple and easy grab. I worried about muggles a bit because it was next door to a donut shop with a full parking lot and a line of cars at the order window, but I needn’t have worried. People are often absorbed into their own lives and ignore things outside of it. This one was unexpectedly more cleverly hidden than I thought, enough so that I decided not to reveal and spoil it with a photograph. I get why it had so many favorites, but didn’t feel the urge to give it one myself. I often joke about my stingily hoarded favorite points, but I’m not kidding. I’ve got over 250 of them sitting around and only award them for really interesting caches, very well made caches, really nice locations, or personally attached ones. If I could give them to someone else I would. But that was neither here nor there. With that accomplished, it was time for gas, breakfast, and a trip to the bathroom. Once the bodily and automotive needs were satisfied, I was rolling again with intention of getting to…

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