A Thing Of Beauty…

…is a joy forever.  So, there is a series of mystery caches in downtown Austin.  I solved the first one and it led to a place where there used to be a bunch of newspaper kiosks that are there no longer.  I reached out to the cache owner who was kind enough to tell me that it redirected to a local library and to ask for “Special File [XXX].  So I went to the library, approached the gentleman at the desk, and asked for it.

“Oh…”, he replied.  “Special File [XXX]?  Nobody has asked for that for a very long time.”  I told him that there’s a reason for that, that the thing that points people to the library is gone.  As fate would have it, he is the head librarian and originally set up the arrangement with the CO in the first place.  Junior librarians went to look for it and had trouble finding it for a while (nobody had asked for it in over a year and a half), but eventually they came back with a file containing this book.  Bravo…  I read through it, photographing puzzles and notes.  I now have a pretty good idea where the next step in the greater puzzle is along with a couple ideas for probable future steps.  I may have to return to look at the book again, but the proverbial game is afoot!

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