So, What Will I Do In The Meantime?

Now that I’m not jetting all around the country, what am I gonna do? Same thing I do when I’m at home writing about it …

I’m gonna cache. You don’t hear about it so much because, well, I’m too busy writing about every county I have trodden beneath my sandaled feet. But I didn’t log over 1330 days in a row by sitting on my laurels, now did I? Each of those caches above are Traditional Caches I picked up all over the place. The main photo is an FTF I got not too long ago.

These statues were part of an Adventure Lab series devoted to leadership on the campus of the University of Texas. I took some time to say hello to Cesar Chavez, G. Washington, MLK, and Barbara Jordan.

There’s a local cacher I haven’t met yet who has an entire series of duck-themed caches, and here are a couple of them that I’ve found.

I got an assist on one recently. Now that they’re getting older, the girls don’t like to go caching as much, but my youngest is usually in if there’s a tree to climb. Since this one was a little more complicated than just grab and go, I ended up bringing along the ladder, and she scurried up it and handed me down the cache. How kind of her!

In the good news column: I managed to complete the entire Peak Challenge and am now officially a “Peak Performer.” In the sad news column: there was a long-time series of unknowns around the Texas Capital that made up a really cool, puzzle-based “treasure hunt.” I managed to find the first parts of both branches of the hunt, but I never got back to continue. Unfortunately, the CO decided to archive the series, and now I will never find Santa Anna’s Gold. Gather ye rosebuds while ye may, folks. That cache you may want to go after but have been putting off? You never know when it might go *plonk* into the archives.

Otherwise, I’ve got about a month and change before Texas Challenge. A little after that, I’m hoping to go finish Kansas, but who knows where my fancy may end up taking me? Guess I’ll just have to keep caching until then, no?

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